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Senior Talent Consultant

Meet Alexis Staten

Life Science Recruiter
Alexis brings a unique background to her Life Sciences Recruiter role at Workforce Genetics. Prior to joining the company, she was a lab assistant at Curative and a lab technician at Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education. Alexis will utilize her experience in the lab to create a bridge between job candidates and potential employers, maximizing both the candidate experience and employer talent acquisition success. Alexis graduated from Morgan State University in 2018 with a degree in and enjoys spending time with her family in her spare time.

What has made WFGX a good place for your career?

Everyone here is so helpful and encouraging about asking questions or reaching out for help. The culture is just very open and friendly. A lot of times people offer help because they feel like they have to but here they really mean it. Here it’s genuine. This is a big stress reliever especially when you’re just starting out and making a change in careers.

It’s a really good feeling to know that if you’re ever struggling or if you need help you have co-workers there to support you.

Why should a client work with you?

I started out doing customer service and working with high-level contacts for a government contract. I dealt with all different personalities at all different levels, which is similar to recruiting. I feel like that prepared me for this role. I learned to communicate with all different kinds of people.

On the science side I can understand what the scientists are talking about and what they’re looking for. I know what it’s like in the lab. I can relate to job seekers and can empathize with them and match them to the right position for their needs and personalities. My lab experience will also help me screen for the right candidates for employers. You want to match the right skills and personalities to the right job.

I never want it to feel like a transaction only relationship. I always strive to balance the candidate and employers’ needs and I’m committed to being responsive and available. There’s always a give-and-take; I work to find that middle ground between the candidate and the company that’s hiring.