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BioBuzz, a Workforce Genetics portfolio company, gives you access to a highly engaged target audience of life science professionals who are looking for a company that fits their passion and purpose. At BioBuzz, everything is built delivering meaningful experiences and nurturing a engaged audience around your brand so that you can attract and hire the top talent for your company.

Connect with a Highly Targeted Audience 

We find ourselves in an extremely competitive market for talent, where it is harder than ever to bring in the right people that will help you meet your goals. In this environment, it is critical to reach, connect with and engage passive candidates. To do this, it all starts with developing your brand and telling your story. That’s why so many companies partner with BioBuzz.

Put Your Brand On Display

There are many ways to get in front of the community at BioBuzz. Click the button below to let us know how you want to participate.

The BioBuzz Impact

Employer Branding Makes a Difference


Reduction in Turnover


Cost-Per-Hire Reduction


More Qualified Applicants

Faster Time to Hire

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Showcase Your Top People

BioBuzz events, publications, advertising, and articles create a multi-channel funnel designed to engage and nurture a growing talent marketplace, putting your story in front of potential candidates who might not otherwise know what makes your company special.

Be known by top talent. Learn more about BioBuzz media today.