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Senior Talent Consultant

Meet Cristina Rexach

Life Science Recruiter

Cristina brings more than a decade of experience in the life sciences industry to her new role. Cristina had a highly successful career in healthcare management and sales before transitioning to the talent side of the industry. Prior to joining WFGX, Cristina had a successful run as a Global MedTech Recruiter with the Mullings Group, a talent acquisition firm serving the medical device industry. She also had a successful sales track record while working at IQVIA where she increased sales of diabetes and anticoagulant medicines to physicians in Puerto Rico and the U.S. respectively.

Cristina was born and raised in Puerto Rico and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S in Biomedical Science from Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico. She also holds her MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Cristina has two children. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and doing anything sports-related. She has also been a high-level club, college and international volleyball referee for more than 17 years.

What has made WFGX a good place for your career?

Even before I joined I could tell the team was happy and the company is very family-oriented; everyone is willing to share. Chris is very present, friendly and relatable. He starts the week with a joke. That’s me. That’s my personality. That’s a big part of life, to have some laughter. It allows us to relax and be more open.

I also liked that WFGX was into Crypto and Web3 because I’m a trader, too. I learned that Biobuzz was involved in the Blockchain and that WFGX was moving toward the future. That really grabbed my attention. And with Biobuzz they had a marketing and PR portion that pushed out content and encouraged employees to share content and spotlight employers.

WFGX is about community and engaging people—not a lot of recruiting agencies are doing this.

Why should a client work with you?

I’m a very direct person and I’m honest. It’s very important to be up front with an employer and approach the relationship like a consultant. I set expectations early on and back that up with data.This helps set the pace for what they expect from you and what you can expect from them. It’s all about communication and honesty right from the start. You’ll get to a truer yes or no earlier if you’re honest and transparent with candidates and employers.