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Frequently asked questions

What does Workforce Genetics do?

Workforce Genetics is a recruiting firm that is 100% focused on service growth stage biotech and life science companies. Our clients hire us to recruit and hire the critical leadership and key scientific and technical personnel that they need to grow their company.

What makes Workforce Genetics unique?
We are experienced industry professionals with an average of 11 years of clinical and life science recruiting experience. Unlike many search firms, our recruiters are not required to do any business development. That means that their only priority is to deliver you the best candidates possible and provide you with exceptional consultative customer experience. The other unique element you get with WGx is VIP access and exposure to the BioBuzz Media platform to help share your story with a highly targeted audience of biotech professionals.
Why should I use a recruiter to fill open positions at my company?
Simply put, recruiters are going to be able to identify talent that you will not find through job postings or through employee referral programs. And at Workforce Genetics, we have spent years cultivating relationships with candidates in the life sciences market and have developed an unmatched network of connections both locally and nationwide. We bring awareness and knowledge of the industry, combined with our ever-growing web of relationships woven throughout this untapped market, providing your company an extended reach to the talent that you need to accomplish your goals.
How can I apply for a job with Workforce Genetics?
How can I hire Workforce Genetics for recruiting services?

Contact our CEO directly at chris@workforcegenetics.com. He loves meeting new industry leaders and learning about your company and the hiring goals you need to achieve to grow.

Are there any career resources available?
You can find career resources at https://biobuzz.io/career-resources/.
What is BioBuzz?
We operate two distinct, yet synergistic divisions – a Recruiting Division under Workforce Genetics and a Media company under the brand, BioBuzz Media. Workforce Genetics provides contingent, retained and executive search solutions with a white-glove service that provides you with a seamless process for attracting and hiring the right employees. BioBuzz is a community and media platform that better connects job seekers and employers through both digital and in-person solutions.
How do I find out about BioBuzz events?

You can keep up to date with BioBuzz events by bookmarking our events calendar at biobuzz.io/events

Why is employer branding important for my life science company?
Employer Brand is how job seekers perceive your company. Full stop. If you aren’t taking every opportunity to ensure how people perceive your company is what you actually strive to be as a company, you’ll be sure to end up with a lackluster perception. Humans don’t want to be a part of something mediocre. They don’t want to be a part of something they don’t know much about or understand. They want to contribute. Employer brand helps to solidify the decision for an individual to contribute to your organization’s team.
What ways can BioBuzz help my company with Employer Branding?
BioBuzz leverages strategic media with an engaged community to create powerful outcomes. Events and content that focus on your company’s “why” as well as the people powering the work being done, and more traditional growth milestones like funding, hiring, real estate, FDA approvals, and more. Just like a website is the face of your company online, Employer Brand is the face of your company in people’s minds. Stay top of mind and influence how people perceive your organization. By working with BioBuzz, you make a commitment to telling your story thoughtfully and consistently.
Is there a way to follow specific companies that are featured on BioBuzz?
How can I learn more about working at Workforce Genetics?

You can visit us at https://www.workforcegenetics.com/#work-for-wgx to learn more about what it’s like to work at Workforce Genetics, and learn more about our team. Don’t forget to check out our employee pledge to decide if you’re the type of person that would be successful here.