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Director of Employer Branding

Meet Jake Thomas

Baltimore, MD – Washington, DC Area
Jake has spent over a decade enabling conversations between the right people to open doorways to meaningful innovations, equitable career opportunities, and in an effort to build powerful communities. At BioBuzz, he’s in a position to drive all three of those outcomes forward. With a background that includes a strong foundation in Talent Acquisition, he evolved into an Employer Branding expert – creating the right stories for the right audiences to improve candidate quality and align talent that will grow within organizations. When he’s not crafting stories, he’s making new ones by getting enjoying the core of Life Sciences, the great outdoors.

Describe how the work you do supports our mission:

Our mission is centered around creating ways for members of the Life Sciences community to be more connected. The work I do each day provides the platform for those connections to take place but it also creates the common understanding where organizations, professionals, and community members can find points of intersection. This is done by amplifying the right messages in the context of our platform, the media we build, the events we host, and the work we do to promote the most compelling scientific missions possible. I bring an open, transparent, and empathetic eye and I seek to act as a liaison between those missions and the right audience.

What has made WGx/BioBuzz a good place for your career

I thrive in places where everyone shares a passion for excellence and where people think differently. This team is mission-focused and loaded with weird thinkers – but in that wonderful way where you combine creativity, fun, and a solutions mindset to create something exciting. In my personal role, I get to deliver some of the most interesting stories to enhance employer brands, help communities organize toward a common goal, and explore the limits to where Talent Acquisition will evolve. I do best in environments of high mutual trust and personal accountability and that’s what I’ve found at Workforce Genetics.