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Recruiting Manager, Life Sciences

Meet Jeff Caskey

Mytle Beach, SC

Jeff has considerable recruiting industry experience in a variety of industries including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, analytical instruments, government, and information technology. He has a passion for partnering with executive teams and candidates to reach their common goals and has developed a reputation among growth-stage biotechs as a trusted partner to help build their early leadership and scientific teams across R&D, Project/Program Management, and Clinical/Medical. Jeff lives in Myrtle Beach, SC and loves traveling with my wife, playing golf with friends, and grilling a good steak over a charcoal grill.

What has made WGx a good place for your career?

This has been an opportunity to really build something from the ground up. We have brought together a group of smart, creative, and truly genuine people who are committed to the common goal. We put in a lot of work, but we also have a lot of fun in the process.

What is about recruiting in the life science space that you enjoy?

I enjoy working with companies and people that are saving lives. Many of the diseases our clients are helping to cure/treat have affected family and friends. I like being part of a community that is part of the solution.

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