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Life Science Talent Consultant

Meet John Cookman

Boynton Beach, FL
John got into recruiting after running a highly successful international media business for fifteen years. As a recruiter he prides himself on adaptability and has found success in both technical and executive placements within a variety of industries including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, analytical instruments, government, and information technology. John loves to read, write, watch football and swim – which he gets to enjoy more often since he recently moved to Florida.

What do you love about your work?

Joining Workforce Genetics gives me the ability to partner with organizations and people that are at the forefront of science and drug development. It’s very rewarding to work with leaders to help them attract top talent. The early stage clients I support are on a mission for the greater good and creating products that can change the world. That’s pretty darn cool.

What has made WGx a good place for your career?

There is a true family environment here. I met Jeff, a recruiting manager at Workforce Genetics, while working with another agency and we have stayed close ever since. He helped to make the transition seamless and we support each other every day in our work.

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