Workforce Development

Democratizing Access to Life Science Careers

The life science and biotechnology industries are growing faster than the talent pool needed to support them. Current workforce development solutions, career training programs, and recruiting solutions are not equipped to meet these workforce demands.

We are building a new kind of talent community to expand access to in-demand life science careers and grow a more equitable workforce.

Most of the current models are limited by the old dogma that perpetuates an unsustainable power dynamic between job seeker and potential employer. TrackMaster gives job seekers more control of their career track by leveraging the power of communities, mentorship, online learning and data analytics. Built on a blockchain network, our talent community rewards members for their contributions, engagement and results. The more careers we create, the more everyone will benefit.

Equitably expanding the life science workforce pipeline with the power of community.

Expanding the Life Science Workforce

  • Empowering career mobility
  • Democratizing access to careers
  • Comprehensive Matching
  • Free Up-skilling
  • Earn while you learn

Solutions For Employers

  • Talent matching without bias
  • 360 Degree Candidate View
  • De-risk new hires
  • Engage a wider pool of talent around your brand
  • Build talent pipelines
  • Reduce cost of hire

Mentor Opportunities

  • Earn rewards for mentoring & creating training resources
  • Share your expertise and give back
  • Grow your professional brand

Employers and Industry Partners

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about partnering with TrackMaster to help engage and grow a broader, more diverse life science workforce for your company or community.