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Head of Business Development

Meet Adam Van Bavel

Baltimore, MD – Washington, DC Area
Adam attended the first BioBuzz event over a decade ago. *bonus points if you know where it was held! More recently, he joined the team to support the mission and propel the industry forward. Some of Adam’s highlights include creating award-winning marketing and brand awareness campaigns, building strategic partnerships with major global brands, and planning some of the country’s largest events. A father to two boys, Adam and his wife Emily enjoy spending time as a family in the great outdoors with a goal of visiting every National Park in the country.

What are your specialties or passions that enhance the work you do at WGx/BioBuzz?

Whatever it is I'm doing, I strive to make an impact. Being focused on listening and creating powerful outcomes, my greatest sense of fulfillment is seeing our partners achieve success reaching and exceeding their goals.

Describe how the work you do supports our mission.

A rising tide lifts all boats. Everyday we work to support the community and see success generated through our efforts. Creating awareness about companies and individuals doing meaningful work locally, promoting jobs, holding events, sharing resources for professional and business growth - these are some of the ways we work towards our mission. My role is to help guide these efforts and grow our impact.

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