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Meet Chris Frew

Ellicott City, MD
Chris has been supporting companies in the life sciences industry with recruiting, marketing and event services for more than eighteen years. During his early career in the recruiting industry he founded and ran a national life science staffing division for a mid-sized staffing firm. After which he cut his teeth in the startup world with an early innovator in cloud based online communities, Breezio, where he led the development of the new workforce development platform that was recently approved by Gov. Hogan. Seeing a paradigm shift happening in the talent acquisition space with the adoption of increased employer branding and recruiting marketing principles he founded Workforce Genetics and re-branded BioBuzz Media… and the rest is history. He is a Maryland native and a graduate of Towson University with an awesome wife, and two spunky kids living in Ellicott City.

Describe how the work you do supports our mission.

I think that my job is to keep the vision at the front of everyone’s mind so that we’re all working towards the same goal each day. I work every day making sure that we are executing to that vision and that my team is being challenged, fulfilled, and able to bring their whole self to their work.

What do you love about your work?

First, I’m surrounded by amazing people who inspire me every day with their passion, drive and creativity. What more could one ask for than to work with teammates who you learn so much from and make you a better leader? It’s a dream job that I’m blessed to have. Secondly, the biotech industry is full of passionate people who wake up every day and go to work to advance medicine and improve human health. I can’t think of a better group of people to serve every day. They inspire us to do our best and support this community because we’re all stakeholders in their success.

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